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Tired of being confined by the parameters of your intranet? Limited by the applications and features that are built-in and non-customizable? Not with Intranet Connections. With our intuitive and robust Intranet Application Builder you can create your own applications without having to be a self-proclaimed IT geek. There is no code or technical knowledge required to build an application.

Your Intranet Connections software comes with a ton of apps that we have built for you, such as Company News, Documents & Policies, Corporate Contacts, Job Openings and much more, all based off of the Intranet Application Builder template.  However, Intranet Application Builder can be customized to create a multitude of apps, such as a Cafeteria Menu, a Gratitude Board, an Intern Assessments application and much more!

Collaboration & Customization

Anyone can build an application from scratch using Intranet Application Builder. Intranet Application Builder provides you the flexibility and agility to design and develop the applications you need on your business intranet, without requiring a dedicated IT team or consulting team. Intranet Application Builder also makes collaboration and customization much easier through the creation of business and social applications on your Corporate Intranet.

Intranet Connections Intranet Application Builder

Intranet Connections Application Builder

Yes, It Is That Easy

Intranet Application Builder allows you to build the intranet you want by modifying existing built-in applications or by creating your own. Intranet Application Builder gives you control over fields, layouts, simple settings and more. You are also able to get into more granular controls and advanced areas (if needed) using Intranet Application Builder. Create applications, tweak applications and build templates all from a single interface.

Go & Build Your Own Intranet Application

Through building applications from our Intranet Application Builder platform you can create the intranet you want.  Use our business tools like Company News, Documents & Policies, Company Store and Job Openings to create an intranet which focuses on efficiency and productivity, or use our social tools such as Employee Recognition, Recipe Exchange, Idea Share Exchange, Quick Polls and Social Rankings to create an intranet which focuses on collaboration and engagement.  Or create a mix of both!

Intranet Application Builder