Create an Engaging Intranet Home Page

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The Intranet Home Page is a window to the functionality, tasks and content within your corporate intranet. First impressions are so important when users visit your intranet, along with utility and speedy access to information.  Your Intranet Home Page is also critical in terms of setting the tone for your intranet and the culture of your company. Is it engaging? Is it interactive for employees? Is content easy to find?  Is it attractive? Our Corporate Intranet Home Page is easily designed with our Multi-Variable Feeds and no coding knowledge or IT experience required, making it simple to create an engaging, attractive and user-friendly home page for your employees.

Creating the right Intranet Home Page for your employees is critical in attracting employees and quick intranet adoption, as well as emphasizing employee engagement throughout your corporate intranet.  It all starts with the home page.

Mega Organization with Mega Menus

Trying to fit a variety of applications and functionality onto one page can be a challenge.  That’s why we have added Mega Menus to our corporate intranet software, which lets you organize your content in multiple columns using widgets, images and content headings.  Less clicks for your users means they find the content they need right away – no navigating through an intranet abyss!

Intranet Connections Mega Menus

Intranet Connections Simple Theme Design

Designing with Simple Themes

Our Simple Theme Editor is the easiest and most effective way to customize your corporate intranet. Directly from the home page, upload your company logo to your Intranet Home Page.  The Simple Theme Editor then pulls out your company colors from the logo and provides you with suggestions for themeing the rest of your site.

On-Page Home Page Management

Why should you need to go into a different area to customize the widgets on your home page?  Wouldn’t it be much simpler to do it directly on-screen? We thought so.  Which is why we’ve added simple widget management to our intranet software which lets you edit, move, add and delete your widgets directly from the home page.

Intranet Connections Intranet Home page

embedded videos

Create an Engaging Home Page with Videos

Create a memorable, engaging intranet home page or site with embedded videos. You can simply embed YouTube, Vimeo or any Adobe Flash Video directly to the home page or site, making your intranet more impactful and visually appealing.