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The most innovative worldwide intranet sites are using Mega Menu Navigation functionality to increase organization and enhance the overall user navigation experience. Site navigation is always a challenge with tight drop down menus and ambiguous naming conventions, which is why big name brands like Nike, Starbucks and Microsoft all use Mega Menus to increase the user navigation experience. The extra space that Mega Menus provide allow you to not only group links, but provide long descriptive labels, helping to increase awareness of content on the intranet and building a highly intuitive navigation experience for employees.

Deliver smart functionality through Mega Menus Navigation using our extensive Multi-Variable Feeds allows you to send out critical alerts, feature new or retiring employees, push the latest revision to the HR workplace safety manual and ensure all employees take the self-assessment performance survey. Expand the world of intranet navigation with our unique Mega Menus Navigation.

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Simple Menu Navigation

Just like our software, Mega Menus Navigation is simple to use and extremely user friendly. To edit your Mega Menu simply hit the edit button which brings you into the interactive menu builder interface.  Here, you can edit, delete or move existing widgets using our simple drag-and-drop functionality, or you can create new widgets. Providing one-click access to the most commonly used tasks, forms, documents, surveys and key information instead of sorting through multiple navigation levels, will greatly expand the efficiency of your current information architecture and result in easier to find content for your end-users.

Intranet Mega Menu Editing


Increased Real Estate on Your Intranet

Mega Menus Navigation are the latest in menu navigation, delivering the latest modern functionality of the most innovative worldwide intranet sites and giving you increased real estate for your applications, business links, department sites and information. Mega Menus Navigation gives you increased real estate which allows you to easily organize your forms, application and sites making content on your business intranet simple to find and only a few clicks away.

Dynamic Mega Menus Navigation

Rather than simply housing static content, we went a step further and included “widgets” in our Mega Menus Navigation.  There are a variety of widget types to choose from including simple widgets, content feed widgets which pull out and display information posted to your applications, user widgets, social widgets, and external content such as RSS feeds and Microsoft Exchange Calendars.

Editing Intranet Mega Menus Navigation

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