Delegate Site Design Responsibility

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Decide who has the rights to design the overall look and feel of your Corporate Intranet with Site Design Delegation. You can set Site Design Delegation to any user without giving them super admin ability. The site designers can configure global design options, create themes for sites, manage site assets, design the navigation system and organize home page widgets.

Manage your intranet design and ensure  your intranet stays engaging and fresh with Site Design Delegation. See how Site Design Delegation works by requesting a FREE Guided Tour of our Corporate Intranet.

Manage Intranet Design

Easily manage your intranet design with Site Design Delegation. Simply select who has the ability to change the overall design without making him/her a super admin. The site designers have access to the Assets tab, and from there they can edit the design of your intranet. Take the stress of maintaining and updating intranet design off just one person with Site Design Delegation.

Set Site Design Delegation

Select individual users as Site Designers.

Delegate Intranet Designer Rights

Keep Your Intranet Design Fresh

The look and feel of an intranet site is a key factor in ensuring employees are engaged on your intranet. It is important to keep the look and feel of your intranet fresh. Don’t have time? With Site Design Delegation, you can enlist the help of another employee. They can create and choose engaging themes for your intranet, such as a holiday theme in December.

Ensure Site Design is Organized

Site Design Delegation not only ensures someone is in charge of updating the theme, it also ensures your intranet stay organized. Using Site Design Delegation, you can delegate someone to manage site assets as well as design the navigation for your intranet ensuring it is intuitive and up to date. In addition, you can delegate him/her to organize your home page widgets so your intranet home page is visually appealing and organized.

Ensure Site Design is Organized

Determine who can make changes to intranet design & theme.