Easily Create Attractive, Effective Designs

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Intranet Connections offers extensive customization options, including a robust Simple & Theme Editor where you can fully customize the design of your Corporate Intranet right from the home page. Brand the software to your corporate colors or create a new look and feel with CSS styles, all in an easy, point-and-click builder. We also offer an Advanced Editor for those who want full customization control.

Building a consistent design for your intranet is an important part of the user experience, and at Intranet Connections we don’t believe that you should need extensive IT-knowledge to be able to create beautiful, creative designs for your Corporate Intranet.


An Introduction to Design

Quickly develop a custom design on your business intranet site with Intranet Connections Simple Design Builder. Simple Design Builder was built to help new users to the Intranet Connections platform easily create attractive intranet designs. It is incredibly intuitive and highly interactive. Simple Theme Builder allows you to edit your intranet’s logo, header background, site width, site background, colors and font. Simple Theme Builder was built with the intelligence to read the colors used in your logo and offers complementary colors to custom theme your intranet.

Intranet Connections Intranet Design

Simple Site Customization

Your out-of-the box Intranet Connections Corporate Intranet comes with a variety of default design settings which we have put in place based on over a decade of experience working in the intranet industry. Your intranet site comes ready to use, however, we give you the options to make small design tweaks as you see fit such as turning off breadcrumbs, changing the overall site layout and customizing the look, feel and functionality of the intranet toolbar.

Rich Design with Advanced Theme Editor

The Advanced Theme Editor builds on the functionality of the Simple Design Builder, allowing you to change the colors and fonts of menu sections, headers, navigation bars and content areas of your Corporate Intranet. The interactive site theme preview allows you to view your site changes as you go and then save your design as a new site theme.  Save various different themes within your Advanced Editor to quickly and easily present your various design ideas to the higher-ups for approval, or to keep on hand for frequent site design updates.

Intranet Connections Design Editor