Make Troubleshooting a Breeze - Impersonate a Login

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When a user reports an issue related to your Corporate Intranet, a bit of troubleshooting may be needed to determine the problem.  Is the issue related to only this user’s login or only his/her individual machine?  Is the issue related to one specific area of the intranet?

Our stellar Support Team is available to assist you in troubleshoot any and all of these questions. However, we also provide you with the Impersonate a Login tool, which allows you to impersonate the login of the user reporting the issue to take a look at the problem first hand and see if it can be easily resolved.  This option is only available to Super Site Admins, which ensures site security is maintained.

Super Admin Access Only

The Impersonate a Login option is located on the admin screen only by users who have been given Super Admin rights on your intranet.  Super Admins have access to everything and anything located on your corporate intranet site and therefore these rights are limited to one or a few users.  Usually, this is the IT-admin who is in charge of maintaining your intranet software.

Intranet Connections User Impersonation

Privacy on Your Intranet Connections Corporate Intranet

Maintaining User Privacy

The Impersonate a User feature allows the Super Admin to simply choose the user they wish to impersonate from the admin screen, without needing to gain access to their intranet password.  Super Admins have access to reset passwords, and impersonate logins but are never privy to a user’s intranet password.

Easy One-Click Impersonation

While Impersonate a Login is an extremely secure function, it is also quite easy to access by users with Super Admin rights.  This feature is located under the admin > security tab, or a custom code widget can be added to the home page accessible only to Super Admins for easy one-click impersonation.

Intranet Connections Easy Impersonation