Granular Intranet Security & User Permissions Settings

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W ith intranet security permissioning you decide who can view, add, edit and delete content on your corporate intranet. Delegate elevated rights at the site level, choosing your super admins, admins, site designers, profile managers and more.  Or, get granular and apply security at the application and even the folder level.

Any super admin or site admin can delegate intranet security rights on your intranet – No IT Experience required! Take intranet management out of the hands of the IT Team and delegate rights such as site designer, profile or employee manager, application owner, approval managers, department admins and supervisors to other admins, spreading the workload.

Granular Intranet Security

At Intranet Connections we understand that efficiency is achieved by putting intranet management in the hands of more than one administrator, which means granular security control at the site, application, and folder level. Have some admins responsible for managing their entire department site, while giving others control over content posted only within a specific application, or a folder within that application.

Intranet Connections Security Permissioning

Set Security Site-wide with Intranet Connections

Intranet Security Site-Wide

Decide which kind of rights you would like to give to your other administrators on your corporate intranet, including highly elevated rights such as Super Admin, Site Admin, or Profile/Employee Manager, as well as more mid level elevated rights such as application owner, approval manager, department admin, or supervisor.  Rights can be easily delegated and changed under the security tab of the admin area of your corporate intranet site.

Department Site Delegation

Department Admins have limited access to the administration site in order to access their team/sub-site properties screen to view and manage their sub-site applications.  They have control over navigation, widgets, and applications within their site. You decide whether Department Admins can assign view security or change their sub-site theme.

Department Site Delegation on Your Intranet