Track Site Stats to Measure Usage

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Site stats is a robust tracking and reporting tool that is custom built for your Intranet Connections’ Corporate Intranet. As a site administrator you have the ability to track your corporate intranet site usage including employee adoption rate, global search ‘missed searches‘ page popularity, user logins, browsing behavior and specific content interaction. Site stats can be invaluable as an audit trail for monitoring edits and deletions.

To successfully run and grow your corporate intranet software, you need to know which areas of the site are being utilized and which are stagnant and need to be cleaned up. Intranet Connections’ Site Stats is unique, in that it provides tailored reports on your intranet visits and usage. Is the usage growing or falling?  Is important information being read? Our Site Stats gives you all the information you need.

Employee Engagement and Adoption

The main dashboard displays intranet adoption as a percentage. Build reports on user login data that’s ready to present to management. Track exact users who are logging into your corporate intranet, including anonymous access. Further refine your report criteria by user type, totals, or time frame.  For ease of reporting your login data is displayed in a simple-to-read chart format, which can then be saved and displayed in your Saved Reports widget for simple reference at a later date.

Problem Solving With Statistics

Use Stats to identify areas of the intranet that are the most popular, and which applications or content is used the least. Drill down to show the who visited which pages of the site and when. Select from Applications, Application Categories, or search by specific items on your corporate intranet to gain an overall picture of which areas of your site are the most popular, or where there’s an obstruction such as within the global search function. The missed searches dashboard displays search terms, click throughs, unique users and more.

Reporting on Your Site Analytics

A beneficial feature of the Site Stats is a tracking module with the ability to generate reports on all types of user data including what areas they visited, what items are most popular and who is posting content to the site.  You can save your reports for later review, or add a title and your comments and then export them to PDF or Excel for simple escalation.