Working with over 260 banks, credit unions and financial services firms, we have designed a Finance Intranet that works the way your employees communicate, teams collaborate and organizations create value and efficiency through streamlined processes and procedures. Our tailored Finance Portal delivers features and functionality specific to your financial institution with pre-built Online Financial Forms, Financial Mega Menus, Self-Service Branch Sites and much more.

Our Financial Intranet is rich with features and functionality that help your employees Connect, Collaborate and Create better with your internal departments, branches, members and board.  Try our Financial Intranet on for size with a 21-Day Financial Intranet Trial, no obligations – no further commitment required.

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Do Your Employees Know The Value of a Financial Intranet?



Content Management

  • Document Management
  • Document Review
  • Document Versioning
  • Policy Management
  • Policy Review
  • Policy Verisioning
  • KB Article Database
  • Content Security
  • Content Approval Workflows
  • Content Publishing Delegation
  • Content Tagging
  • Commenting
  • Content Rating
  • Library Resources

Employee Engagement

  • Event Calendar
  • Blogging
  • Company News
  • Compliance Council Site
  • Community Fundraising Sites
  • Idea Share Exchange
  • Quick Poll
  • Online Store
  • Job Openings
  • Online Photo Albums
  • Buy & Sell Exchange
  • Recipe Exchange

E-Learning & OnBoarding



E-Forms & Workflows

Intranet Design & Architecture

  • Simple HTML Editor
  • Simple Design Builder
  • Advanced Design Editor
  • Site Design Delegation
  • Intranet Home Page
  • Financial Mega Menus
  • Dynamic Menus
  • HTML Content Pages
  • Self-Updating Pages
  • Intranet Application Builder
  • Site Breadcrumbs
  • Page Hierarchy
  • Embedded Videos

Intranet Management

  • Active Directory Synchronization
  • Admin Role Delegation
  • Impersonate a Login
  • Intranet Security
  • Site Ownership Delegation
  • Application & Folder Delegation
  • Single Sign-On
  • Site Statistics
  • User Permissions
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WEBINAR: Inspiring Credit Union Intranets

Download the on-demand Inspiring Credit Union Intranets Webinar to discover innovative ideas on how to engage, automate and collaborate on the intranet.


Intranet Testimonial

“Our time-cost savings since moving to Intranet Connections is incalculable for us. We have eliminated sending 15 to 20 company-wide emails daily and avoided recreating well over 850 documents on our intranet.
Talk about cost savings!”

Ryan Sonnenberg
PIMA Federal Credit Union