Keep your Intranet Fresh with Archiving & Clean-Up

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All good things must come to an end. That includes your intranet content. Many Financial Intranets contain information that may have an expiry date, such as Event Calendars, Blogging, Company News and more. It’s important to keep your intranet content relevant and up-to-date. Thankfully, our Financial Intranet has Archiving & Clean-Up built-in so we do the work for you!

Archiving & Clean-Up removes old, outdated intranet content. It does this based on time intervals of your choice, for example weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually. Having this content archived keeps your Financial Intranet clean and easy to manage. Request a FREE Guided Tour of our Financial Intranet to see how Archiving & Clean-Up works.

Keep your Intranet Clean

Any content on your Financial Intranet can be assigned an archive date with Archiving & Clean-Up. Once the content reaches this date, it will move out of your mainstream intranet into a separate archive area which can still be viewed, shared or bookmarked. Archiving & Clean-Up moves unwanted, irrelevant and outdated content out of your main applications, making relevant content more accessible as well as making your intranet leaner, cleaner and easier to manage.

Intranet Connections Document Archiving

Archive unwanted, irrelevant and outdated intranet content.

Intranet Connections Archiving and Clean-up

Ensure Content is Recent

Archiving & Clean-Up enables you to set a clean-up time interval of your choice on your Financial Intranet. This will remove archived documents and policies completely after a specified time period. This is especially important when policy changes occur, to ensure employees aren’t using old policies that are no longer in place. To ensure you don’t delete valuable information, the clean-up feature only deletes archived items.¬†

Archiving & Clean-Up Saves Time

Archiving & Clean-Up is automated so that the work is done for you! You no longer have to manually sort through documents and policies, deleting those that are no longer relevant. This is a huge time-savings for your bank, credit union or other financial institution, as new documents and policies are constantly being added to your Financial Intranet. Ensuring only relevant items are stored on the intranet and deleting irrelevant items is a job in itself.

Intranet Connections Content Clean-up

Save time manually deleting outdated content.