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Empower employees with e-learning to cross-train and self-learn the latest policies, procedures and best practices. With Employee On Boarding on your Financial Intranet you can get new employees up to speed faster with the ability to track, manage and report throughout the on boarding process.

Utilize our Online Training Calendar to facilitate registration, class sizes, class waitlists, multi-session source schedule and more to organize all your financial training courses, seminars and workshops on your Financial Intranet. See how to utilize Online Training on our Financial Intranet with a FREE 21-Day Financial Intranet Trial.

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Financial Intranet Online Surveys

Measure your employee satisfaction level, employee stats and employee request with simple online surveys on your Financial Intranet.

Financial Intranet Online Tests & Scoring

Check policy understanding & compliance material with online tests to measure an employees knowledge and define knowledgebase improvements.

Financial Intranet - Automated Test Scoring

Designate weighting for each question and assign a pass or fail grade for Online Tests with Automated Test Scoring to immediately present a score to the test taker.

Financial Intranet Online Tests & Scoring

Present new questions in a different order each time a staff member takes an Online Test to avoid memorization with Randomized Question Banks.

Financial Intranet - Class Registration

Manage registrants for classes and those on the waitlist with the Online Training Calendar in an easy-to-read, interactive calendar view.

Financial Intranet - Multi-Session Course Scheduling

Manage multiple course sessions from your Online Training Calendar allowing staff to sign-up for multi-session courses using an Online Form.

Financial Intranet - Class Reports

Run reports on courses for registered or waitlisted registrants, or reports on whether certain staff members have completed required courses.

Financial Intranet Leadership Mentoring

Leverage your Financial Intranet for Leadership Mentoring to communicate your organizations goals, vision, culture and values.

Interactive Tutorials on your Finance Intranet

Hand-off training with step-by-step guidance to lead employees individually through a process or procedure on your Financial Intranet.

Finance Intranet Employee OnBoarding

Provide a comprehensive employee onboarding experience through Online Forms, Online Tests, Online Training and Employee Recognition.

Financial Intranet Online Training

Manage all employee training through the Online Training Calendar with scheduling, registrations, waitlists, and reports on your Financial Intranet.

Employee Learning & Comprehension

Building online tests on your Financial Intranet can be a very powerful tool for your bank or credit union. You can utilize online tests in a variety of ways for your financial firm. Create online tests to measure the success of your e-learning and training courses, workshops and seminars.

Tests can be used in your on boarding processes as well. Create fun quizzes surrounding facts on the history of the bank or credit union. Use quizzes to help launch your intranet, or to promote new features.

When you create tests you assign scores and select which is the correct answer. When employees take the test, you can choose if they are shown their scores, if it was a PASS or FAIL and if they are allowed to take the test again.

Also choose if they can view what were the correct answers for great self-learning environments. Use the built-in workflow approval and notification stages to route test results to supervisors, HR, management, intranet admins or anyone else you select in the workflow process.

Online Tests