Standardize Employee Onboarding with your Financial Intranet

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Establishing an Employee Onboarding process is critical to properly train, engage and retain employees. Your Financial Intranet can take your Employee Onboarding process from manual and tedious to efficient and seamless, with the numerous Employee Onboarding tools available.

Your Financial Intranet comes with a suite of Employee Onboarding features that will streamline, automate, organized and standardize the onboarding and employee training process in your bank, credit union or other financial institution. Discover the many ways you can utilize Employee Onboarding features by requesting a FREE Guided Tour of our Financial Intranet.

Standardize Onboarding with Online Forms

In order to standardize the Employee Onboarding process, a good place to start is having all new hires read the same required documentation and complete the necessary forms. Utilizing Online Forms and Document Read/Agree, you can easily ensure these steps are taken in your Employee Onboarding process. You can also create an onboarding checklist to completely manage the onboarding process in a centralized location, linking to helpful resources and materials throughout your Financial Intranet.

Financial Intranet - Employee Onboarding - Online Forms

Centralize, organize and standardize Employee Onboarding.

Financial Intranet - Employee Onboarding - Online Training Calendar

Streamline Onboarding with Online Training

A primary aspect of Employee Onboarding is training. Employee training is made easy with our Online Training Calendar built-in to your Financial Intranet. The Online Training  Calendar enables new employees to register for training sessions or courses online, all through your intranet. Utilizing the Online Training Calendar, you can facilitate new employee orientation, monitor class registration and report on class wait lists, completely streamlining the Employee Onboarding process.

Centralize Employee Onboarding Resources

Centralize your Employee Onboarding resources with a site dedicated to onboarding on your Financial Intranet. It’s simple to set-up a new site containing all your onboarding and employee training resources in one central location. You can include items such as, new employee forms, the employee handbook, training modules, company information and more. An Employee Onboarding site gives new hires the opportunity to get up to speed on how to use the intranet, as well as where to find information.

Financial Intranet - Employee Onboarding - Employee Training Site

Create a dedicated Employee Onboarding site for centralized resources.

Financial Intranet - Employee Onboarding - Online Tests

Test New Employees Knowledge

As part of the Employee Onboarding process, it is important to ensure new hires fully comprehend company information, policies, procedures and protocol. Utilizing your Financial Intranet, you can ensure new hires have taken the appropriate steps to effectively understand these things. Simply create Online Tests with automated scoring to test new hires comprehension and deliver immediate results to test takers determining if they pass or fail.

Ensure New Hires are Welcomed

Employee Onboarding shouldn’t be limited to just staff training, it should also focus on ensuring new employees feel welcomed. With the connection and collaboration tools available on your Financial Intranet, making new hires feel welcomed and appreciated is simple. You can assign an ‘Onboarding Peer’ to welcome new hires, as well as get them up to speed on workplace tools. The Onboarding Peer can share collaboration tools, such as Message BoardsDiscussion Forums and Executive Blogs, with the new hires to get them informed.

Financial Intranet - Employee Onboarding - Collaboration Tools

Welcome new hires as part of the onboarding process.