Create Versatile Online Surveys

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Quickly and easily create versatile Online Surveys for anything from employee satisfaction to quizzes. Your Financial Intranet makes it easy to create various Online Surveys and formatting the survey within the application. For rapid survey development, you can clone previous Online Surveys with similar answers.

Online Surveys’ user-friendly, front-end interface make it simple create as many surveys as you need with drag and drop functionality. Anyone in your bank, credit union or other financial firm can create Online Surveys without having to rely on IT for help. See how simple it is to create Online Forms yourself by requesting a FREE Guided Tour through our Financial Intranet.

Customize Online Survey Questions

You can customize your Online Surveys whichever way you see fit, depending on the content. Choose between drop down, radio buttons or checkboxes when it comes to how you would like your answers displayed. You can also choose to have your questions randomly selected for each survey so no two surveys are the same. For example, you can create 10 question and answers, but only choose to display 5 on your survey. This enhances the validity of survey results.

Financial Intranet - Custom Online Surveys

Customize the way questions appear.

Financial Intranet - Duplicating Online Surveys

Duplicate Online Surveys to Save Time

You may want to reuse certain Online Surveys, or create similar surveys with minor changes.  We’ve added the ability to duplicate an Online Survey, or questions within the survey, to save you time having to re-create an entire survey. If a question has similar answers, you can simply copy the whole question and corresponding answers, and only modify the question rather than retyping all the answers again.

Flexible Online Survey Design

Make your Online Surveys engaging and visually appealing by enhancing the look of your survey. Our Online Surveys functionality gives you total control over the design, such as choosing between horizontal or vertical answer option layouts, one or multiple columns and different section headings. This is all arranged through the user-friendly drag-and-drop functionality.

Financial Intranet - Online Surveys Design