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With more employees working remotely and the convenience of online learning tools, why not move employee training online? Not only is this a more convenient way to train employees, but the resources and costs savings you can yield by moving training online is significant. Intranet Connections’ Financial Intranet comes equipped with Online Training to facilitate eLearning, onboarding, employee training and more.

You can facilitate employee training online through our simple, user-friendly Online Training Calendar. The Online Training Calendar provides a simple, interactive calendar interface to schedule, manage and organize training courses and seminars. In addition, you can use the Online Training Calendar application to reduce the time you spend on managing training within your bank, credit union or financial firm by allowing you to easily track, manage and report on new accounts. See how the Online Training Calendar in action by requesting a FREE Demo of our Financial Intranet Software.

Customized Training Sessions

Choose your class size, location, instructor and courses manager all from within the Online Training Calendar. You can further customize your experience by uploading attachments and links for your courses, as well as tags to assist employees in finding the courses they seek. Depending on the type of course, you may choose to have it on one or multiple dates. You can enable optional supervisor notifications or approvals, which will automatically pull the registering employee’s supervisor information from their profile and send an email notifying the supervisor of the employee registration.

Online Training on Financial Intranet

Online Training Registration - Financial Intranet

Course Registration & Waitlists

For large organizations, managing course completion and registration can be a job in itself. Luckily, with the Online Training Calendar, you can quickly do it all within a few clicks of the mouse. Not only can you manage active course registration, but also can add waitlists to your course options, to track alternate course attendees as well as measure the overall interest in the courses provided. Of course, with a lengthy waitlist you may want to offer additional course dates to accommodation the immense demand for the topic. Once additional courses are offered you can set bulk updates to add to course registration, send out email reminders and do a bulk remove from other course lists.

Multi-Course Scheduling

Keep your Online Training sessions organized with the simple, interactive calendar view. You can separate your courses into categories to make it quick and easy for employees to find the courses they seek, enabling them to register online. Using the Online Training Calendar, you can also schedule multi-session courses to manage multiple session employee training. Employees simply have to sign-up for each multi-session through the Online Training Calendar by completing a single form.

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Class Reporting

Managing Online Training for an entire organization requires detailed tracking and reporting. Within the Online Training Calendar application you can manage, track and report on class attendance, registration, waitlists and more. Easily report on which employee have finished a course as well as run a report on a specific course to display its sessions, course statistics, registered employees and waitlisted employees. waitlisted employees.