Create Efficiency with Online Forms & Workflows

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Unleash the power of our Online Forms, Smart Tests and Online Surveys built into your Financial Intranet Software. Our bank and credit union customers extensively use our Online Forms to move paper and manual forms and processes online, which streamlines and automates workflows, business processes and eliminates redundant, manual business tasks. Easy and intuitive to use, Online Forms, Tests and Surveys can be built with triggers, formulas, embedded spreadsheets, automatic scoring, question banks and reporting survey graphs.

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Online Forms with Built-In Smarts

Form Builder comes with your Intranet Connections Financial Intranet software, and is a highly intuitive build environment where anyone can create online forms based off your paper formats. Many of our banking customers have moved manual paper forms and processes online by using the capabilities and power built into Form Builder. Smart forms have enhanced features such as form calculations as in our mileage expense report where the form will automatically add totals based on hidden calculations for cost per mile traveled. Triggers can be added to fields like a state code that triggers another field further below in the form to show the appropriate cities based on what state was selected.

Multi-Stage Approval Workflow and Form Routing

Our extensive business workflows are a big part of Form Builder. Create multi-stage approval workflows and routing. For example, send a mileage expense claim to the employee’s direct supervisor, which then gets passed onto the branch manager.  If approved by the branch manager, the form is then send it to HR for notification and Finance to process the reimbursement.  Lastly, the employee receives a final notification that their expense claim has been approved.

Pre-Built Smart Forms

Your Financial Intranet Software comes with pre-built smart form templates that you can use out-of-the-box. These forms are based on what our customers are using on their intranet sites in the banking community. It is very simple to tweak these forms to suit your business needs, or add extra fields. Smart capabilities like triggers and formulas can be removed, changed or added.