Celebrate Employee Milestones

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Part of creating community and culture on your intranet is in sharing the milestones and successes of employees. Employees who feel cared about at work are proven to be more engaged – small gestures like your manager, or the CEO sending you a thank you for the loyalty and commitment on your anniversary with the bank or credit union can go a long way to making you feel cared about. Use our built-in tools, already set up and ready for you to help promote and share in the milestones and successes of your employees.

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Employee Milestones

As part of our Employee Directory on the Financial Intranet, we feature employee birthdays and anniversaries. Special widgets can be put onto the intranet home page to show who is having a birthday or anniversary this week. Click on the greeting icon to send a quick celebratory comment right from the intranet home page. It’s easy and these small gestures help to connect and engage your employees. Use the intranet to facilitate these small gestures that pack a big I CARE ABOUT YOU to increase employee retention, loyalty and engagement.

Employee Recognition

It’s important to share in employee successes. Peer recognition is vital in creating a culture that sustains employee engagement. Allow employees to nominate each other for a very public pat on the back. Other employees can give the nomination a thumbs-up and add their own comments and feedback.

You have complete control over all aspects of your Intranet Connections Financial Intranet and in all applications that come with the software. This means you can choose to allow peer-to-peer nominations, or lock it down for just supervisors or managers to view, add comments and track employee performance notes.

Featured Employee Feed

Intranet Connections comes with a comprehensive Widget Library which consists of widgets, or boxes of automated information pulled from various areas of the intranet and fed to the intranet home page, or to your branches and department sites.

The Featured Employee Feed will rotate through employees in the bank or credit union, offering a brief bio of one or more featured employees. Use this feed to promote new employees who have just come on board, your executive team, board of directors, member services “outstanding employees of the month” or feature department managers.

Share Your First Job

One very effective way to promote intranet engagement and adoption is to allow areas where employees can freely share and learn a bit more about each other. Building and maintaining a healthy culture should include a bit of fun and why not do that through your financial intranet with the Share Your First Job app?