Engage & Organize with Event Sites

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Gone are the days of requiring months of work and IT support to create an internal website. With Intranet Connections, you can quickly add a new event or project specific site, complete with calendars, files, pages, and forms. All of your event specific information is centralized in one place. Once the event or project is done, is it just as easy to bring it all down (or mothball the site until next year). Event Sites will take care of organizing, connecting and communicating the details on the event. It can be utilized for a number of events, such as fundraisers, annual staff parties, training sessions, product launches and more.

With Event Sites, you can create a sub-site on your Financial Intranet specifically for an event. Advertise the event publicly for all employees to see, or select a group of employees to participate in an exclusive event. From there, employees can register and you can track who is attending and who isn’t. Event Sites does all the organizing for you so you don’t have to manually track down who is able to attend. See how you can better connect and engage employees with Event Sites by by requesting FREE Financial Intranet demo.

Organize Employees

Keep employees informed on events by displaying upcoming events on your intranet home page using an Event Sites feed. The Event Sites feed will show what the event is, when it is and where it will be, all in one central location, eliminating having to send multiple, detailed emails. You can use Event Sites to organize a fundraiser or team-building event, or use for setting up a company softball team.

Organize Employees with Event Sites

Host Educational Seminars with Event Sites

Educate Employees

Educate employees with Event Sites displaying details to upcoming workshops or training sessions. You can then utilize Event Sites as a sign-in/sign-up form, enabling employees to do it all from one page rather than through various emails or in person. Once employees sign-up, Event Sites helps to keep track of those who are and aren’t attending, making your life easier.

Engage & Involve Employees

Engage and involve employees in upcoming corporate fundraisers with Event Sites. Simply create a company team for an upcoming community event, and set-up a donation form right on the Event Site. These events not only engage employees, but also involve them and your brand in the community.

Increase engagement with Event Sites