Reduce IT's Workload with Help Desk Ticketing

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Decrease strain on the IT Department by helping them track and manage support tickets with Help Desk Ticketing. You can minimize emails and phone calls to IT Support by enabling users to post their issues or submit tickets via your Financial Intranet. With Help Desk Ticketing, users can track their submitted tickets, such as the current ticket status and estimated resolve date, without ever having to speak directly to someone in IT Support.

Once a ticket is resolved, the user will be notified by a Support Technician immediately. See how Help Desk Ticketing can reduce IT’s workload and benefit your organization by requesting FREE Financial Intranet demo.

Manage & Track Tickets

Help Desk Ticketing enables IT to easily manage and track tickets, significantly reducing their busy workload. Simply assign a  Help Desk supervisor who monitors incoming tickets, marks their priority and assigns them to various Support Technicians. From there, the tickets will land in the Support Technicians queue, displaying the date and time the ticket was created. Support Technicians can easily review the issue, add in their notes and mark the ticket resolved all from your Financial Intranet.

Track Tickets with Help Desk Ticketing

Manage & track support tickets on your Financial Intranet.

Reduce IT Workload with Help Desk Ticketing

Track Ticket Status

Users can easily look up the current status of any ticket using the ticket search function on the Help Desk Ticketing application. They can search by technician, priority, subject, resolution, keyword or ticket number to view either new, pending or closed tickets. This enables users to quickly look up ticket status themselves so IT doesn’t have  to stop what they are doing to check on a employee’s behalf. You can also export ticket results to Excel or PDF.

Maintenance Alerts & Notifications

Every so often, there may be down time or IT needs to run scheduled maintenance. Using an Application Feed Widget, IT can notify and alert users of such occurrences by advertising down time on your Financial Intranet home page. This will keep users in-the-know and reduce the influx of emails and calls to the IT Support Desk.

Help Desk Ticketing - Maintenance Alerts

Notify users of upcoming downtime & maintenance.