Rapid Communication with Live Chat

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Banks, credit unions and financial services firms are dynamic, fast-paced environments that require strong communication to keep employees atune to the market and your members’/clients’ needs. When your clients/members need immediate attention and quick answers you don’t have time to wait for an email response. With Intranet Connections’ Finance Intranet, you gain access to the right contacts and right answer quickly with a rapid communication channel – Live Chat.

Eliminate lengthy, confusing emails and long response times with Live Chat and ensure employees have instant communication and collaboration. Whether your financial organization is small, large or has multiple geographic locations, Live Chat is a great tool for streamlining Employee Communications to better serve your employees and customers. See how Live Chat can help your bank, credit union or other financial institution better connect and communicate by requesting FREE Financial Intranet demo.

Instantly Chat through Employee Directory

The Employee Directory is the gateway to communication on your Financial Intranet. Live Chat is always available through the Employee Directory where users can simply click the chat icon next to an employee’s name to start a conversation. Instantly the respondent will receive an audio and visual alert notifying them of the conversation, ensuring your message cannot be missed. Speed up slow-response times with Live Chat.

Live Chat through Employee Directory

Eliminate slow-response times with Live Chat.

Live Chat with Available Employees

Quickly See Who’s Online

Give your employees an at-a-glance view of who is online and available to answer any quick questions they may have. You can do this by simply adding a Live Chat Feed to a Department site, Mega Menu or Dynamic Page. If you are slowly integrating social features onto your Financial Intranet, but aren’t quite ready for the instant message feel Live Chat gives, you can easily turn it off.

Receive Technical Support Promptly

Time is a factor in the fast-paced financial industry. When you are experiencing a technical problem, it is imperative to clear it up as fast as possible so you can get back to your work tasks. Utilizing Live Chat with Support Features, you can display available IT Support Team members to avoid long waits on issues that require a simple fix through an instant-message response via Live Chat.

Live Chat with IT

Display available Support Technicians to resolve quick-fixes.