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Every intranet’s goal should be to serve the employee and have it be the one go-to resource they cannot live without. First you need to engage employees on the intranet so that they feel they are a part of its growth. They will feel a sense of ownership through participation.

The following intranet applications are a few of the templates you can use to promote employee participation. Tie this in with your culture and community building and you have the foundations for a successful intranet!

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Discussion Forums Financial Intranet

Collaborate freely online with Discussion Forums around topics, projects, departments or policies with topic subscriptions, alerts and more.

Compliance Council Intranet Site

Make life simple for your Compliance Council with our pre-built Compliance Council Site within your Financial Intranet.

Financial Intranet Event Calendar

Schedule your community, branch and employee events on the Event Calendar with custom alerts, export to Outlook and conflict checking.

Financial Intranet Company News

Keep your employees informed with Company News by publishing articles, podcasts, videos and other multi-media on company or industry topics.

Fundraising on Your Intranet

The Fundraising Site provides registration forms, tracks donations, promotes goodwill and helps you give back to your local community.

Idea Share Exchange

leverage your most powerful resource, your employees, to collaborate on new ideas with the Ideas Share Exchange on your intranet.

Financial Intranet Online Photo Albums

Visually engaging images have said to quadruple your engagement level utilizing Online Photo Albums on your Financial Intranet.

Buy and Sell Exchange - Financial Intranet

Let your employees interact with each other in a more social forum with the Buy & Sell Exchange, giving them their own private Craigslist.

Online Company Store

Utilize the Online Store as great incentive for employees with a shopping cart, inventory trakcing and internal purchase transactions.

Financial Intranet Blogging

Connect and collaborate with your Executive Team, HR Team and Communications Team with blogging on your Financial Intranet.

Job Openings on Your Intranet

Post new jobs where it matters most, to your internal candidate pool on your Financial Intranet to promote from within your team.

Financial Intranet Quick Polls

Create simple, one-question Quick Polls to gain feedback and insight on issues in your bank, credit union or other financial institution.

Image Slider

Improve engagement with a rotating Image Slider including embedded links to drive traffic to popular intranet resources.

Submit an Idea

Every intranet should have areas where employees are free to contribute and participate. Our Submit an Idea application is one area where you can foster creativity, innovation, idea sharing and elicit feedback. Ideas can be shared, tagged, commented and rated. To really get into the idea spirit, offer awards and prizes monthly for the best ideas. Ideas could center around how to better streamline procedures, bank policies, customer service, security and fraud prevention.

Discuss Popular Topics

Discuss popular topics with our Discussion Forum application template. Choose this template for any of your branch or department sites and start the conversation! Another great application for your financial intranet that allows for employees to contribute and participate, giving them voice in the intranet community.

Like all of the applications that come with your Intranet Connections Financial Intranet, you can create open communities or control who can add and participate in topics of discussion. You can even create secured areas and determine who can view and collaborate – for example creating a discussion forum for your Executive Team or the Board of Directors.

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Financial Intranet Software Testimonial

“Our time-cost savings since moving to Intranet Connections is incalculable for us. We have eliminated sending 15 to 20 company-wide emails daily and avoided recreating well over 850 documents on our intranet. Talk about cost savings!”

Ryan Sonnenberg
PIMA Federal Credit Union