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Keep staff current on what’s happening in your bank, credit union or other financial firm with Company News. Share important news right to your intranet home page so it’s the first thing employees see when they log onto your Financial Intranet. Company News blasts can completely eliminate lengthy all-staff emails and boost intranet adoption.

You can limit who posts Company News, or open it up to allow all staff to share announcements. Simply add a content approval workflows to ensure all Company News posts meet company guidelines. See how Company News can boost user engagement by requesting a FREE guided tour through our Financial Intranet software.

Inform with Company News

Inform employees on what is currently happening in your financial firm with Company News. You can share changes to policies or procedures, holiday schedules, appointments and more through the Company News application. Sharing the latest updates through Company News on your Financial Intranet will eliminate all-staff emails and improve intranet adoption, as staff will sign on to your intranet daily to stay up-to-date.

Company News on Your Financial Intranet

Keep staff up-to-date on the latest Company News.

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Improve Intranet Adoption & Engagement

Company News is a great avenue for one-way communication from management. However, you can open up Company News so that all employees can share updates. Whether it be a personal accomplishment such as running a marathon, or a work related accomplishment such as being the highest earning branch in Q1, Company News is the best place to post such information. Enabling staff to share updates with Company News boosts company culture, engagement and intranet adoption.

Highlight Company News

The best way to ensure staff see Company News updates is by sharing it to your intranet home page. Having Company News front and center makes it so that important updates are the first things employees see when they sign on to your Financial Intranet. Sharing news to the home page makes sure important updates, such as policy changes, won’t go unnoticed.

Financial Intranet Company News Advertising to Home Page

Ensure important Company News updates are seen.