Effectively Organize Events with the Event Calendar

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Significantly reduce the number of company-wide emails sent regarding events and scheduled holidays with an Event Calendar on your Financial Intranet. An Event Calendar is the most effective way to organize and keep track of events in your bank, credit union or other financial institution.

The Event Calendar is a diverse tool that you can modify into a vacation request calendar, conference room booking calendar, resource booking calendar and more. It is a great way to keep your staff and finance resources organized, and ensure they are being utilized. See the different ways you can utilize an Event Calendar by requesting a FREE guided tour through our Financial Intranet.

Event Calendar Security

Having sensitive data stored on your Finance Intranet, security is extremely important to our bank, credit union and other financial customers. The Event Calendar allows you to share your event, team, vacation and project calendars securely. Security can be direct added to event types, company resources and calendar categories to limit calendar access to specific employees or groups, such as the HR department. Through simple security permissioning, you can easily control access to executive meetings and calendars. You can also ensure that important resources aren’t being double-booked with the automated conflict checking feature.

Financial Intranet - Employee Engagement - Event Calendar

Share calendars safely and securely.

Financial Intranet - Event Calendar - Microsoft Outlook Integration

Microsoft Outlook Integration

The Event Calendar on your Financial Intranet seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Outlook. This provides your staff with the ability to keep their master calendar with all company events, meetings, training sessions, personal appointments, etc., in one convenient location, without having to manage or update multiple calendars. Additionally, staff can go through the Event Calendar and add certain events to their personal Outlook calendar.

Visually Organize Events

You can organize your Event Calendar by color coding events by type. For example, making all Quarterly Review Meetings blue, and all Townhall Meetings green. Color coding your Event Calendar allows staff to associate certain colors to specific events, enabling them to quickly scan the calendar and select events they wish to add to their own calendar.

Financial Intranet - Event Calendar - Color Code

Organize events by color coding.