Collect Feedback with the Idea Share Exchange

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Give staff the opportunity to voice their opinions and share ideas with the Idea Share Exchange on your Financial Intranet. Your Idea Share Exchange acts as an online suggestion box, where employees can submit feedback on ways you can improve your intranet, organization or products/services.

Ideas submitted through the Idea Share Exchange are put through a workflow process, so that an approval manager can decide which ideas will be beneficial to your financial firm, and further escalate those ideas through  the workflow. To see what ways you can utilize Idea Share Exchange, request a FREE guided tour of our Financial Intranet.

Finance Intranet - Idea Share Exchange - Feedback

Gain Feedback for Improvements

Your Idea Share Exchange is a great resource for employee feedback, especially regarding change within your financial organization’s day-to-day operations. Since your employees see how company policies and procedures play out on a daily basis, they are in the best position offer suggestions on how to improve these, utilizing anonymous Idea Share Exchange submissions.

Financial Intranet - Idea Share Exchange - Collaborative Software

Ask for suggestions on how to make improvements.

Financial Intranet - Idea Share Exchange - Employee Input

Encourage Collaboration

You can make Idea Share Exchange submissions visible to all employees and turn Comments & Ratings on to encourage other employees to post their thoughts on the idea, as well as add their own suggestions. This promotes collaboration among employees who share the same ideas, as well as eliminates multiple submissions of the same idea.

Establish Suggestion Categories

Collect feedback and suggestions from various pre-selected categories on your Idea Share Exchange. You can create categories such as, community involvement, green initiatives, corporate culture, policy and procedure improvements and more. This enables employees to simply open the Idea Share Exchange and browse categories to see where they want to contribute.

Financial Intranet - Idea Share Exchange - Categories

Organize ideas into separate categories.