Grow Your Company Internally with Job Openings

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Grow your company and retain top talent by promoting from within with Job Openings on your Financial Intranet. Share current job openings within your bank, credit union or other financial firm all in one central location easily accessible by employees.

Employees can apply for open positions or recommend a colleague that would be a good fit for the role. Job Openings has the functionality that allows resumes and cover letters to be uploaded right onto your Financial Intranet. Additionally, set up an Automated Approval Workflow to send applications directly to HR or the hiring manager. To grow your organization and its employees with Job Openings, request your FREE Guided Tour through our Financial Intranet.

Job Openings Financial Intranet Feature

Convenient yet Flexible Forms

Job Openings includes a pre-made form for hiring managers to fill out that includes the title of the job, starting and closing dates, location, required qualifications and skills, salary and more. This makes it quick and easy for you to post jobs. Though these forms are pre-made, there are plenty of customization options to ensure you post exactly what is required.

Financial Intranet Job Openings Form

Customize your job description form.

financial intranet job openings application

Post Job Openings to Home Page

Move the entire job application process online and completely eliminate paper forms with Job Openings. Advertise Job Openings to your Financial Intranet Home Page to ensure internal job postings don’t go unnoticed by potential applicants. Employees can easily apply through an Online Application Form, and from there, the form will go through an approval workflow.

Simplified Application Process

In addition to the job description form, Job Openings comes with a convenient application form, enabling employees to apply directly on your Financial Intranet. The application form dynamically pulls the job applicant’s name, email, supervisor and any other employee information from their Employee Profile. This simplifies the application process and significantly speeds it up.¬†

Financial Intranet Employee Application Form

Simplify the application process with dynamic forms.