Foster Corporate Culture with the Online Store

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Set up an Online Store on your Financial Intranet for employees to browse company items, such as office supplies, and place orders. Post items in the Online Store such as equipment, office supplies, branded clothing and more. The Online Storm enables your employees to view the details of items posted, track the quantity of goods available and place an order for their desired item.

Online Store order forms are user-friendly and simple to fill out. Employees can simply order an item through the Online Store order form with little effort. You can assign a Cart Manager to monitor when quantities on particular items are low so they are able to restock the items in a timely manner. Request a FREE demo of our Financial Intranet to see how Online Store works.

Online Store on Your Financial Intranet

Customize Your Online Store

Customize your Online Store order form with which fields you’d like to display. For example, having a field for price, color, quantity, size and more.  With the customization and flexibility of form fields, you can tailor your Online Store to a specific item type such as, tech, office supplies, branded clothing and more.  

Financial Intranet - Online Store - Order Forms

Customize your Online Store order form.

Financial Intranet - Online Store - Corporate Culture

Promote Your Brand & Boost Culture

Help foster your company culture by rewarding employees with branded company items, such as clothing or water bottles, made available on your Online Store. These items are conveniently made to order through your Online Store so employees have access right at their fingertips. Creating an Online Store enables more employees to utilize branded items which promotes your company culture both internally and externally.

Real-Time Inventory Tracking

Utilizing our smart delegation tools, you can assign Cart Managers to update cart quantities, remove cart items, view historical cart data and receive notifications for pending carts. The Online Store’s real-time inventory tracking enables Cart Managers to monitor when certain item quantities start to get low, allowing them to re-stock inventories.

Financial Intranet - Online Store - Inventory Tracking

Assign Cart Managers to track inventory.