Gain Instant Feedback with Quick Polls

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Create a one-question survey to quickly receive employee feedback or input with Quick Polls. You can display Quick Polls on any page within your Financial Intranet to gain insight into employee’s thoughts, ideas or opinions. For department specific Quick Polls, display the poll only on a certain Department Site.

Quick Polls offers the quickest way to get answers, whether it be what fundraiser your bank participates in this year, or what intranet name you select. Once your Quick Poll is no longer relevant, you can set it to expire so it doesn’t appear on your site anymore. Get an exclusive look at how Quick Polls can benefit your bank, credit union or other financial institution by requesting a FREE Guided Tour through our Financial Intranet.

Financial Intranet - Employee Engagement - Quick Polls

Create simple, one-question Quick Polls.

Get Instant Feeback

Get instant feedback from employees with Quick Polls. Quick Polls enables you to create a simple, one-question poll that you can display anywhere on your Financial Intranet, enabling employees to quickly answer the poll while they work without taking time away from their job to fill out a lengthy Online Survey.

Visually Displays Results

Quick Polls displays results instantly in real-time, enabling you to see which answers are favored. This is especially useful for those questions that require answers quickly, such as which meeting time is most preferred for company quarterly reviews. You can view results at-a-glance, and results are made visible to all employees.

Financial Intranet - Quick Polls - Results

Financial Intranet - Quick Polls - Home Page

Advertise Quick Polls onto the home page or department sites.

Publish Quick Polls to the Home Page

For questions that require an answer from all employees, you can turn advertising “on” to publish the poll to your home page. When employees first log in to your Financial Intranet, the Quick Poll will be the first thing they see. Alternatively, if the Quick Polls differ based on department, you can display the polls on the corresponding Department Site.