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Nothing is more frustrating than searching for something and not being able to find it. The same goes for your intranet. It is important for your employees to be able to find what they are looking for in order for them to get their jobs done effectively. Most of the time, staff don’t care how information is stored, they just want to be able enter search terms and see the results. However, some documents have additional custom fields (i.e. dates, category, document number) that must be separately searchable. Advanced search options lets you choose which custom fields you want to add to Advanced Search, as well as the fields displayed in search results.

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Customizing Advanced Document Search

Advanced Search Options allows you to configure search within each document library to meet your particular needs. You can choose which fields to add to the Advanced Search screen, and decide what fields should be displayed as columns in the search results.  As an example, you can have a document library which stored all incident reports. During an audit, the Chief Risk Officer needs to be able to find all incidents that occurred in 2014 with a severity level of “Red”.

Advanced Search Options allows searching by these custom fields, return only results that match. Search results are also fully customizable. You can choose the fields that are the most relevant, and choose which field to sort by (i.e. alphabetically by title, severity level, occurred on date).

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Popularity Search on Your Business Intranet

See popular content first.

Search Based on Popularity

If there is content on your intranet that is highly used by employees, chances are users are going to search for it more. When users interact with content by viewing, commenting, rating or sharing it, the content’s popularity increases. You can enable popularity ranking on your Financial Intranet to ensure popular items display first in your search results. This will ensure employees find the most highly used items quickly.


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