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How do you spell “fi-doo-shee-ary” again? Not to worry – with Auto Suggestion, after the user types “fid” into search, “fiduciary” will automatically be suggested. With predictive search term completion, an employee can choose from a list of suggestions as they type. No more empty search results because of misspellings.

Auto Suggestion uses your organization’s vocabulary, including unique system names and financial terms. For a live demonstration of Auto Suggestion with your own content, request a FREE Guided Tour through our Financial Intranet.

Accurately Search for Employees

With thousands of employees spread between dozens of branches, it’s not always easy to keep track of who’s who. Auto Suggestion works with employee names, making it easy to look someone up. For example, if Mr. Johnson has left a message for you, you can begin typing “Johnson” into search, and Auto Suggestion will display a drop down list of possible matches with the same last name (i.e. Marty Johnson, Tim Johnson, Edward Johnson). When you choose a name, that person’s picture and contact details will display right within search in the Display Card, making it easy to reply.

Predictive Search Term Completion

Easily look-up colleagues by first or last name.

Auto Suggestion Uses Your Language

Use Your Business Language

Your organization has specific terms only understood by you. Some words may be industry specific acronyms (i.e. EBITD) or even your own system names (i.e. Tellermatic). Auto Suggestion basies its suggestions not on a fixed dictionary, but the words you actually use on a daily basis. Because the majority of intranet searches are for specific items, the Auto Suggestion dictionary is populated from the names of the items on your intranet. For example, if you have two different documents in your intranet called “EBITD Excel Template” and “EBIAT Excel Template”, typing “EBI” will auto suggest both “EBITD” and “EBIAT”.

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