Full-Text Indexing

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It is likely your users aren’t only searching for content on your intranet, but also for documents. You can enhance your users experience on your Financial Intranet with Full-Text Indexing. This functionality enables users to search within uploaded documents, not just site content, ensuring your users always find what they are looking for.

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Increase Efficiency with Full-Text Indexing

Full-Text Indexing Increases Efficiency

Your Financial Intranet is home to many types of files such as, Microsoft Office, WordPerfect, PDFs, HTML and Text. Full-Text Indexing in various file formats makes finding desired documents easier and faster for your employees. Providing quick access to all file types will be directly reflected in your employees’ efficiency and productivity.

Regardless of if you have dozens or thousands of files, your searches will still return quickly. Our full-texting indexing service is built to scale to large numbers of documents. In addition, our search algorithm always prioritizes matches in the title and other fields over content, so you don’t have to worry about full-text indexing making it harder to find content.

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