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When employees become frustrated because they can’t locate the correct resources on your intranet, it is too late. Your intranet adoption has already fallen and your financial employees have disengaged from the intranet. Don’t become the victim of the all too common poor intranet search engine. Empower your employees with a powerful Enterprise Search tool that delivers the relevant search results they seek instantly.

With Search Security within Enterprise Search on your Financial Intranet, you can easily control and secure intranet search results. Search Security can enable you to protect private content and eliminate archived content from search results. See how Search Security and Enterprise Search empower your employees with the right answers by requesting a FREE 21-Day Finance Intranet Trial.

Search Security for Content

You can protect private content or sensitive information on your Finance Intranet with the Search Security built in to your Enterprise Search. Search Security allows you to protect and secure private content, essentially making it invisible in any search results to unauthorized users. You can hide certain content, applications, pages or even entire sites.

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Simply exclude archive items in Search Security

Hide Archived Content

With Search Security, you can ensure only the most up-to-date content is being returned on a search. You have the option to hide archived items from search, such as outdated documents or old policies, so that search is only returning relevant, accurate search results. This also eliminates old, out-of-date documents or policies resurfacing accidentally and confusing staff.

history of the intranet ebook

History of the Intranet eBook

The intranet has drastically evolved over the past two decades. Discover the History of the Intranet by downloading our ebook.