Improve Efficiency with Automated Emails

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Eliminate having to manually reply every time a user submits a form for approval, such as a vacation request or timesheet, with Automated Emails. Automated Emails can be set up for almost anything on your Financial Intranet, saving you time and increasing productivity at your bank, credit union or other financial institution.

As an intranet admin, you can send Automated Emails to Company Contacts for annual reminders, invoice notifications, company updates and other routine communications. See how Automated Emails can increase productivity and improve efficiency by requesting a FREE Guided Tour through our Financial Intranet.

Automated Alerts & Notifications

You can set-up Automated Emails for anytime an employee submits a time-sheet or vacation request, allowing automated email notifications to be sent the Accounting and HR Departments immediately upon submitting. The user will immediately show that their submission has been made and is now pending approval. From there, the approvers can set up Automated Emails letting the employee know when their time-sheet or vacation request been approved or denied.

Automated Emails - Financial Intranet

Set automated email notifications for approval or rejection.

course registration with automated emails

Assist with Event Registration

Perhaps you have a seminar, training course or year-end event coming up, utilizing Automated Emails can actually help with the registration process. You can set up Automated Emails for whenever a user registers for the event. You can also use Automated Emails to send out event reminders to registrants displaying when and where the event will take place, saving you countless hours a week having to manually do it. 

Automated Change Alerts

Any time a user modify’s content on a page, or any other change to the intranet, the intranet admin or site owner will receive a notification on their Employee Profile of the chance so they can approve/deny it. You can enable admins and site owners to receive a notification sent directly to their email with Automated Emails, ensuring they don’t miss the notification and allowing them to take action promptly. Automated Emails can be used for anything needing approval on your Financial Intranet. 

admin approval override - automated emails

Enable Automated Emails for anything needing approval.