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Staff who deliver customer service need to have quick access to resources in order to perform tasks as they assist your members and customers.  Our Credit Union customers create online forms specifically for front line staff to enable staff to fill out the forms while they are working directly with the customer. This allows your Finance Intranet to become a comprehensive resource that delivers Online Forms, Collaboration, Communication tools that deliver exceptional customer service.

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Member Services Forms

Your Financial Intranet comes pre-loaded with many custom online forms specifically built for member and customer service staff. Use these forms out of the box or tweak them to your specific needs. You can also remove them and create your own.

member services

member services group

Member Rewards Program

Your Financial Intranet comes with a Member Rewards Page that can outline your member rewards programs and initiatives, giving your front-line staff quick access to look up this information (yes it is highly searchable!) when a customer inquires about member rewards.

Holiday Closures

Always good to know! Post the credit union or bank’s stat holidays when the doors close and what the hours will be for your members and customers.

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Member Services Talk

Take any one of your front-line staff on any given day and they probably have a story to share about their interactions with members and customers. The Member Talks Application is a great application to open up to your services team and get them to publish daily or weekly antidotes, stories, kudos from happy customers and ideas for creating outstanding customer service.

history of the intranet ebook

History of the Intranet eBook

Discover how intranets have evolved over the last two decades by downloading our History of the Intranet eBook.