Engage with a Custom Code Widget

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Get creative on your Financial Intranet with a Custom Code Widget. A Custom Code Widget enables you to create your own code, or pull code from the internet to include on your Financial Intranet. This can be anything from a world clock, to a countdown ticker to a fun company-wide event. Engage employees by adding helpful or fun custom elements to your intranet with a Custom Code Widget.

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Interact & Engage

Your bank, credit union or other financial institution is required to calculate currency exchange rates regularly. When it’s busy, your front-line staff may not have time to calculate it manually. With a Custom Code Widget, you can include custom code of a currency calculator right on your Financial Intranet home page, allowing for rapid calculation and ultimately better serving your customers.

Financial Intranet - Custom Code Widget

Calculate currency exchange rates on the fly.

Finance Intranet - Information Sharing - Custom Code Widget

Build excitement for upcoming events.

Customize your Financial Intranet

Your Financial Intranet doesn’t have to be all work, no play. Perhaps you have a fun company trip or event coming up. You can build excitement for this event using the Custom Code Widget containing a count-down ticker to the event. Share this on your intranet home page to maximize engagement and add elements of fun on your intranet. The ways in which you can utilize a Custom Code Widget are endless!

Custom Code World Clock

If you have multiple offices in various geographic locations, you can use a Custom Code Widget to display a world clock on your Financial Intranet home page. This will provide quick and easy access to what time it is at your other office locations. Employees will know exactly what times they can reach someone in another office location without having to manually calculate the time themselves.

Finance Intranet - Custom Code Widget - World Clock

Create a world clock with the custom code widget.

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Branch Ideas

Employees in various branches most likely have ideas on how to better serve customers, suggestions on streamlining business activities, ways in which you could use the branch site to share resources, content and documents. For more ideas on intranet success be sure to download our free 101 Intranet Ideas eBook.