Human Resources is a Powerhouse for Your Intranet

Human Resources Intranet 2017-10-04T08:08:45-07:00

Within banks and credit unions, a Human Resources site can be a power-house of information for your financial intranet. Use our pre-built Human Resources Intranet Site to showcase HR content in a self-serve environment for employees including quick access to HR resources, information, training, forms and documents.

Check out the Human Resources site and create other sites of your own by requesting a FREE 21-day Financial Intranet Trial.

HR Resources at Your Fingertips

Because HR is one of the primary departments serving employees, they should have a strong presence with their own Human Resources Intranet Site.

Our boxed Financial Intranet software offers a pre-built “self-serve” HR template that promotes employees to lookup information and access resources from HR through the intranet including HR documents, policies, procedures, blogs, materials and HR FAQs.

This is a Site Template and includes apps that you can use right out-of-the-box or choose to tweak, change, copy and add to.

Vacation Request Form

A popularly requested area for HR and for the financial intranet is the vacation request form, which we’ve tied into our Employee Vacation Calendar as part of Employee Participation.

This is where employees can request vacations and time-off, and our robust workflow approval process allows you to assign supervisor, manager and/or HR approval, as well as any other hierarchical chain of approvals required. Notifications can be sent once approval is accepted or declined.

Create categories by department or teams and color-code for others to quickly view who is on vacation or attending conferences, etc. through the monthly, weekly, or daily calendar.

Employee Benefits, Medical and Dental

Create unlimited Content Pages to share HR resources such as details regarding the employee benefit plan, carrier information and lists of dentists and doctors.

Quickly edit pre-set pages that come with your HR self-serve on your financial intranet to share your own HR benefit information – simply edit the page and type as you would in Microsoft Word. The structure is already there for you.

Apply for Job Openings

Create a Job Center application where HR can post upcoming jobs and opportunities for employee promotions. Recruitment and on-boarding is an expensive endeavor for any company. Give your internal employees first dibs at jobs opening up within your bank or credit union. Employees can fill out the pre-made Job Application Form that is submitted online through the intranet and HR can review the candidates and approve or decline privately for historical tracking.