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Intranet Design & Architecture is the foundation of user engagement and adoption on your Financial Intranet. Our Financial Intranet equips you with all the essential tools you will need to theme, design and create an intranet your employees will love.

Intranet Connections’ Financial Intranet has intranet design made simple, without any coding or CSS required to update your Intranet Design. With our Simple Theme Editor, you can upload your logo and our built-in design intelligence will read the colors of your logo and offer you a color palette of complementary colors to that logo.

If you want more granular control of your Intranet Design we also offer an Advanced Theme Editor that provides you more design options, but still requires CSS or code knowledge to update. With powerful Financial Intranet Mega Menus built right into your Financial Intranet you have the real-estate of four traditional intranet site baked into one, to provide the resources and answers your employees seek at first-click. See simple Intranet Design & Architecture yourself with a FREE 21-Day Financial Intranet Trial.

Financial Intranet Software Demo

Simple and Advanced Intranet Design

Go simple or get advanced with our Simple & Advanced Theme Editor options on your Financial Intranet with Intranet Connections.

simple html editor

Leverage the WYSIWYG HTML editor to enable all employees to create HTML pages on your intranet with ease to build and engage on the intranet.

Intranet Banking Applications

Discover pre-built Banking Applications on your Financial Intranet with Community Calendar, Company FAQs, Branch News and more.

Financial Mega Menus

Navigational Menus architected the way you and your employees work, with Financial Mega Menus on your Financial Intranet.

Intranet HTML Content Pages

Gain flexibility on your Financial Intranet with HTML Content Pages that can simply be added, edited and deleted.

Financial Intranet Home Page

Your intranet home page is the most important page on your Financial Intranet, make it dynamic and engaging with Intranet Connections.


Create your own financial intranet application on your Financial Intranet by cloning an existing application or starting from scratch – no coding required.

Simple Intranet Design

Starting with a simple intranet design can be more impactful than you think. Intranet Connections provides all the tools and settings you need to design and architect an engaging intranet for your employees. Start with the basics and get advanced over time, your Financial Intranet will grow and adapt with your organization with simple to advanced settings and endless scalability. You don’t need to be a graphic designer to build an attractive Financial Intranet with intuitive and automated design settings from Intranet Connections. Leveraging our Simple Intranet Design & Architecture Tools can be the first step to achieving your Financial Intranet success with structure menu building, intelligent widgets, easy-build templates and more. See how easy it is to design an engaging Financial Intranet with a Free Personal Financial Intranet Demo.

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Financial Intranet Software Testimonial

“Our time-cost savings since moving to Intranet Connections is incalculable for us. We have eliminated sending 15 to 20 company-wide emails daily and avoided recreating well over 850 documents on our intranet. Talk about cost savings!”

Ryan Sonnenberg

PIMA Federal Credit Union