Enhance User Experience with Mega Menus Navigation

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Increase organization and enhance your users experience with well-thought-out intranet navigation, using Mega Menus Navigation. Mega Menus Navigation provides you with extra space for your navigation without taking up too much real estate on your Financial Intranet. It enables you to group links together, provide longer, descriptive labels and increase awareness of the content available on your intranet. Further enhance the user experience by adding engaging widgets to your Mega Menus Navigation!

Intuitive navigation is the key to a highly adopted intranet, improved user involvement and a better user experience. Deliver just that with Mega Menus Navigation on your Financial Intranet. For a live demonstration of how Mega Menus Navigation works, request a FREE Guided Tour of our Financial Intranet.

Interactive Mega Menu Builder

Creating and modifying your Mega Menus Navigation is extremely simple due to the user-friendly interface. There is an interactive menu builder that enables you to edit, delete or move existing widgets using drag-and-drop functionality. You can also add new items or groupings to your Mega Menus Navigation easily and quickly. Making the most commonly used tasks, forms, documents and other information accessible on your menu will greatly improve efficiency, rather than employees taking too much time searching through multiple navigation levels.

Financial Intranet - Mega Menus Navigation Builder

Simply create or modify Mega Menus with the interactive menu builder.

Financial Intranet - Mega Menus Navigation- Increased Real Estate

Mega Menus Navigation Increases Real Estate

Your intranet will likely have a lot of content on it, so saving room on your home page for the most important, key information can be a challenge. However, Mega Menus Navigation gives you increased real estate on your Financial Intranet for all your applications, internal links, Department Sites and other key information. The added real estate will allow you to easily organize content on your intranet without worrying about taking up too much space on your home page.

Engage with Dynamic Mega Menus

Rather than simply housing static content, we’ve revolutionized Mega Menus Navigation by giving you the ability to add widgets to your menus. There are a variety of different widgets to choose from, such as content feed widgets, which pull and display information from other areas of your intranet. A popular example our customers use is the Featured Employee Feed or Anniversary Widget. In addition, you can pull external content such as an RSS Feed.

Financial Intranet - Mega Menus Navigation - Intranet Widgets

Pull dynamic content onto your Mega Menus.

Download On-Demand Information Architecture Best Practices Webinar

Information Architecture Best Practices

Download our exclusive on-demand version of the Information Architecture Best Practices webinar for a live demonstration of global and side navigation, menu structure and Mega Menus.