Take Intranet Design to the Next Level with Design Editor

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Make your Financial Intranet your own by completely customizing it with the simple, yet robust, Theme Editor.  With the Theme Editor, you can brand your Financial Intranet with your company colors or create a new look with CSS styles, all within the user-friendly, point-and-click Theme Editor builder – no graphic design experience needed. You also have the option to use the Advanced Theme Editor for full control over your customization.

Having an attractive intranet design is imperative for a positive user experience on your Financial Intranet. The Theme Editor allows you to create engaging and aesthetically pleasing designs on your intranet. Get creative with your design but requesting a FREE guided tour through our Financial Intranet.

financial intranet design example

Create Visually Appealing Designs

You can easily create an attractive design for your Financial Intranet with our Simple Design Builder feature, giving you full design rights to customize your intranet any way you’d like. The Simple Theme Editor allows you to upload and edit your logo, header background, site width, site background, colors and font. The Theme Editor and Theme Builder has smart technology that can read the colors in your company logo and offer complementary colors to customize the rest of your intranet theme.

Financial Intranet - Simple Design Editor

Automatically match color theme to your logo.

Financial Intranet - Intranet Design - Simple Design Editor

Further Customization Options

There are a number of customization options on your Financial Intranet aside from just the look and feel. For example, we give you the flexibility to make incremental design tweaks such as turning off site breadcrumbs, changing the overall site layout, customizing your intranet toolbar and more. Though these changes are minor, they make a huge difference in the overall usability of your intranet.

Advanced Theme Editor

Take your intranet design to the next level with the Advanced Theme Editor. The Advanced Theme Editor builds off the Simple Theme Editor, allowing you to change the colors and fonts of menu sections, headers, navigation bars, content areas and more. You can continuously preview your design as you make changes to your site, allowing you to view it before saving the theme. Save as many themes as you’d like and reuse them over again.

Financial Intranet - Advanced Design Editor

Customize your intranet with Advanced Theme Editor options.