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Intranet Management can be as simple or as difficult as your intranet platform. You need intranet software that puts ease-of-use and user experience at the top of the list for designing and developing an intranet your employees will actually use and love. Discover a Financial Intranet made for banks, credit unions and financial firms all by working with customers just like you to find out what you need most.

The administration tools on your Financial Intranet are the key to streamlining and delegating your intranet administration. At Intranet Connections, we strive to make your life easier including smart delegation to hand-off sub-site administration and ongoing management of your intranet. By providing you seamless access to your Financial Intranet Statistics & Analytics you can view what is popular and most accessed to make informed decisions about your intranet content, forms, design and architecture.

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Simplified Intranet Management

Financial Intranet Statistics

Determine the most popular content and links on your Financial Intranet to keep your employees engaged.

Active Directory Integration

Automate onboarding users to your intranet with Microsoft Active Directory Integration on your Financial Intranet.

Intranet Software Single Sign-On

Expedite user adoption with the automatic login of Single Sign-On to have network logins on your Financial Intranet.

Intranet Security Permissioning

Granular Intranet Security Permissioning provides you with as much or as little control as you would like to have on users, sites, content and more.

Intranet Software Smart Delegation

Experience small delegation with Administrator Role Delegation on your Financial Intranet, delegate and manage with ease.

Intranet Login Impersonation

Easily troubleshoot on your Financial Intranet with simple user impersonation to see an error or experience first-hand.

Determine which users have intranet management permissions at the user level, group level, site level and more.

Delegate ownership or administration to individual users or groups for any site within your Financial Intranet.