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Your Financial Intranet Software not only offers branch and department sites, powerful document management, smart forms and tests and surveys which enhance employee teamwork and culture and community, but also includes ready-to-go application templates with a focus on improving business tasks and employee engagement.

What makes our software so effective is that these application templates can be tweaked, modified or removed entirely based on your needs. Copy existing applications with one click, create new applications based on popular templates or start from scratch and build your own with our highly interactive no-code-needed Application Builder .

 Pre-Built Intranet Applications

Choose a Template To Add Your Own Banking Applications

Your Financial Intranet comes with “Assets” which are comprised of Sites you create, and the Applications and Content Pages belonging to those Sites. Applications can be copied by simply clicking on the copy icon on an application card, then giving the app a name. Each of the applications can then be customized. Add more fields, change or remove fields. Adjust the layout of your applications. It gives you options to be versatile in creating applications for your specific business needs on the intranet.


Create Your Own Intranet Applications

You can create your own applications from our pre-built templates that come with your intranet software, but we also give you Application Builder, an area to build your own applications from scratch within a point-and-click environment. Simply drag-and-drop the fields you want into place, select options and layouts, then save. It’s that simple. We do the rest of the work in building the databases and interfaces to support your application, including social options like ratings, commenting and content tagging.