Delegate Intranet Management with Intranet Security Permissions

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Determine who can view, add, edit or delete content on your Financial Intranet with Intranet Security Permissioning. Choose your super admins, admins, site designers, profile managers and more by delegating elevated rights to individual users or groups. Get granular with your intranet security and apply security at the application, or even folder, level.

Take intranet management out of the hands of IT, and delegate rights to those who want to do it, significantly spreading the workload. Intranet management will run smoothly, and won’t bottleneck due to relying only on one person. Discover Intranet Security Permissioning on our Finical Intranet Software by requesting a FREE¬†demonstration.

Get Granular with your Intranet Security

Your intranet builds up a lot of content overtime, so leaving intranet management up to one person is challenging and unrealistic. For maximum efficiency, divide intranet management among various users with Intranet Security Permissioning, which means granular security control at the site, application and folder level. You can have intranet administrators responsible for managing their Department Site, or choose admins to control content posted to specific applications or folders.

Financial Intranet - Intranet Security - User Permissions

Get granular security control at all levels on your intranet.

Financial Intranet - Intranet Security - Delegation Rights

Determine Delegation Rights

Determine which users you will delegate specific administration rights to, such as Super Admin, Site Admin or Profile/Employee Manager. In addition, you can break it down further to Application Owner, Approval Manager or Department Admin. You can easily delegate or change rights given to certain employees or groups under the ‘intranet security’ on your Financial Intranet.

Intranet Security at the Department Level

You can select Department Admins to completely manager their Department Site. However, Department Admins have limited access to the administration site in order to access their team/sub-site properties screen and view or manager their sub-site applications. They have control over the navigation, widgets, applications and other content on their sub-site. You can also determine is Department Admins can assign view security or change their sub-site theme.

Financial Intranet - Department Site - Intranet Security

Delegate site ownership rights to various users.