Track Site Stats to Measure Usage

Intranet Statistics 2017-09-15T09:47:30-07:00

Measuring employee engagement with the financial intranet statistics has never been easier. Site administrators have the ability to use this robust tool for tracking and reporting everything from big picture analytics, to detailed activity logs. See who the top contributors are within your organization, and who stopped reading the company news.

Discover if your employees are able to locate the files they search for efficiently on the intranet with the global search function report. Here, you can view search terms that have been unsuccessful, so you can change the content to match search intent.

High-Level Intranet Statistics

Customize the main dashboards to easily display key performance indicators of the health of the intranet. These can include intranet adoption rate, page popularity, top applications, top content, and stale content that needs to be cleaned up. Assess how well the intranet is being utilized as a communication tool amongst your organization as a whole, by location or by user.

Identify Missed Searches

Optimize the searchability of your documents and content on your intranet to improve the success of matching the correct content with what employees are searching for. View the list of missed searches provided on your financial intranet to tailor the naming of content to ensure your employees have all the information they need at their fingertips. Non-technical site administrators will be provided a list of missed searches to identify which forms need to be renamed.

Verify Content Security

Rest assured that sensitive information on the dashboards is not being displayed to users without proper authority. Secure auditing verifies users have access to information based on department, team, title or individually. Restrict access per site, per application, or per folder. Statistics enables you to verify that your security controls are working properly.