Customize Content Security & Permission Levels

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Customize your healthcare’s intranet content security to different levels of access. This feature is enabled to protect sensitive and private information. Users and departments with proper authority can be assured that confidential information is hidden from unauthorized staff members. This is accomplished by making adjustments to security content settings. In addition to blocking access, all folders containing the sensitive information are only visible to those with appropriate permission levels, as opposed to those users being aware of what they are not able to access.

Secure content is customizable, and can be based on job title, department or individual user. Permission levels are by folder, as well as within the folder with regards to the capability of finding, accessing and editing content. To discover how content security and our other content management tools can help your company, request a free guided tour of our healthcare intranet. 

Content Security

Adjust permission levels to secure content on a folder level. Folders containing sensitive information are hidden from users who are not in the department or at an authorized level pertaining to the content. Customize permission levels to staff roles, departments or username. As an example, if the office manager wishes to share content with all admin staff but not the IT department, they are able to set up restrictions which exclude anyone who is not in the admin department.

Set Content Security

Content Security Set By Department

Set Content Security by Role

Authorize Content by Employee Role

Confidential Information

In addition to permission levels based on department, content can be accessible based on job function. For example, if there is sensitive content that all managers must be able to access, adjust the settings in your content security. This will authorize all staff with manager titles accessibility to the folder. Content will be undisclosed from anyone who is not a manager (or whichever staff role is selected).