Flexible & Robust Document Management

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From the moment a patient is admitted to your hospital or healthcare facility the flood of paperwork begins, including patient forms, physician notes, diagnosis codes and the ever important HIPAA compliance documentation. All of these documents can be put onto your healthcare intranet and accessed by staff, streamlining your healthcare business processes.  Using our healthcare intranet Document Management tools you can limit time spent on manual paperwork and increase focus on patient care.

Our document and policy management tools include:

  • multiple file uploads and keyword searching (ie: patient ID, name, attending physician, wards)
  • secure and immediate access to data documents that help with patient care
  • multiple revisions of documents, policies, procedures
  • workflow automation to remove the routing of paper documents
  • audit trails with reporting on who accessed files
  • optional enforced read/agree and review date notifications

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Intranet Document Management

Our built-in document management encompasses the ability to perform multiple file uploads, enable versioning on files, archive of older documents and policies and remove out-dated documents with a file clean-up utility. Why is this beneficial? As your intranet grows so will your file repositories. It is important to think about information architecture and long-term management of intranet documents. Our management tools allows you to control revisioning of your healthcare documents, with archiving functionality which lets you move older content which is still relevant just not needing to be front and center into their own archive folder, and an automated clean-up utility that will permanently delete old content which is no longer necessary.

File Searching

Our healthcare intranet search functionality allows for full-text and keyword file searches meaning every word in every document or policy uploaded to your healthcare intranet is included in the search filters. Tagging adds extra organization and search capabilities. Document repositories can be added anywhere on your intranet with our software, including on any site. Global search results will aggregate returning files and policies across all sites on your healthcare intranet.

Content Review Dates

As the intranet administrator you can enforce review dates for documents and policies and most other content on the intranet. If this option is enabled, staff who publish files or policies onto the intranet need to enter in a review date for returning revision. This feature helps with content management and keeps your organization up to date with policy standards and audit quality control. Due dates are enforced through intranet alerts and email notifications.

Benefits of Online Intranet Documents

Moving to a digital system of document storage and retrieval is simple with our Healthcare Intranet Software. Healthcare staff no longer need to manually go through paper file cabinets to search for and retrieve files. Instead, they can access records via an intuitive web-based interface that provides not only file access but all other intranet functionality in one website location. Staff can search records in a variety of formats, including those in word processing, pdf, image and text-based file types.

Benefits our healthcare customers have had by moving files, policies and processes online:

  • easy transfer of offline documents online
  • minimal training for staff with our user-friendly intranet interfaces
  • easily management and on-going maintenance of files and policies
  • an increase of efficiency in operations and patient care management
  • improved sharing and collaboration on documents
  • easier compliance, automated workflows and security of sensitive patient data