Share Important Content with Document Read and Agree

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Certain content on your intranet, such as policies and procedures, may be imperative for all staff to read and agree to. Document Read and Agree on your Healthcare Intranet allows you to notify your staff of important documents, files, policies and procedures that need to be read and understood with the added ability to monitor who has and hasn’t read this content.

Once a staff member has read and agreed to the content, they are added to the read confirmation list. Staff who have yet to read the content after a certain period of time can be re-sent the notification that the content has been posted, ensuring they read and agree to it. To ensure important information is read with Document Read and Agree, request a personalized Healthcare Intranet demo.

Notify with the Policy Reminder Widget

Easily notify staff that a new policy, procedure or other document has been published that requires read and agree confirmation with the Policy Reminder Widget. The Policy Reminder Widget will display on your intranet home page, or other designated page, with the number of policies that require attention. Clicking it will take staff to a dashboard view of documents that need read and agree confirmation.

Healthcare Intranet - Document Read and Agree - Policy Reminder Widget

Notify staff with the Policy Reminder Widget.

Healthcare Intranet - Content Management - Document Read and Agree Reminders

Select up to 3 reminders for Document Read and Agree.

Set Reminders for Read and Agree

Set multiple reminders that a specific action needs to be taken on a policy or procedure to ensure that they don’t go unread. When creating a policy that requires read and agree confirmation, the policy owner can select up to three reminders which can be sent in the form of email, intranet site alerts or both. Each reminder will be sent on a pre-determined date and time selected by the policy owner.

Track with the Read and Agree Dashboard

Intranet administrators can better keep track of all documents that have Read and Agree enabled with the Document Read and Agree Dashboard. This displays a historic list of all documents with read and agree confirmation in one central location in an easy-to-read dashboard format. Having this dashboard view makes it easier for policy owners to track which documents they’ve created that require a read and agree action for improved policy management.

Healthcare Intranet - Document Management - Read and Agree Dashboard

Report on Document Read and Agree

Run a report on all policies that require read and agree confirmation to pull a list of recipients of the read and agree document. Having a visual report of these users helps better organize who requires a specific document that needs to be read and agree to, as well as assists with read and agree history for audits.

Document Management - Document Read and Agree Report