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Empower your staff to find answers to commonly asked questions in the Knowledge Base Article Database (KB) on your healthcare Intranet. Staff can easily contribute knowledge, or seek and retrieve answers to their questions and how-to’s. Convenient and time-saving, the KB is a great resource for sharing knowledge, answering questions and reducing email volume. If there was a problem, KB’ll solve it.

Allow all staff to collaborate or secure the site for informational purposes, only allowing staff with proper clearance to post and share their experience. Anything less than the best is a felony.

Self-Sufficient Staff

KB Articles are an effective resource for storing information on your healthcare intranet. Enable your staff to answer their own questions and avoid contacting HR or the IT department for menial tasks. Create categories for staff to easily navigate through relevant information such as the most up-to-date policies and standards, incident reports, how-to set up their voicemail and much more. By providing answers to commonly asked questions in a centralized location, you’ll reduce the number of interruptive emails.

Intranet Connections KB Articles

Easy-to-use Interface

Set your staff up for success by getting them up to speed with the Getting Started KB Articles. Provide intranet tutorials and KB articles to improve user navigation and familiarity with the software. Go a step further and add links to online surveys, where staff can provide feedback and point out areas that need improvement.

Knowledge Base Article by Department

Keep the KB articles relevant by developing separate articles for human resources, IT or admin. Each department site should have their own KB Article Database containing specific FAQ articles pertaining to their roles and responsibilities. In addition to separating by department, go further and add a KB article application to project team sites. This will improve collaboration, and keep members up to date on vital information such as patient status.

Corporate Intranet FAQ's