Ensure Compliance with Policy Review Dates

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Policy management is about ensuring procedural compliance with medical centers, hospitals and long term care facilities. When it comes to managing content, such as policies or procedures, on your Healthcare Intranet you can schedule, track and report on Policy Review dates to ensure all policies and procedures are up-to-date, while reducing the time wasted searching through disorganized shared drives.

Our Healthcare Intranet Software provides the tools necessary to manage your policies and procedures with Policy Review so that all staff members are on the same page. Ensure compliance in your medical center, hospital or long term care facility by requesting a personalized demo of our Healthcare Intranet.

Automate Policy Review Reminders

Keep policies and procedures compliant with Policy Review dates. Assign policy owners to each policy or procedure responsible for maintaining and updating policies and procedures when necessary. With the smart delegation built-in to your Healthcare Intranet, you can automate this process to ensure policies are up-to-date. Set up to three Policy Review date reminders when creating a policy, notifying the policy owner via email, intranet alert or both, that the policy review date is approaching. You can specify how many days before the review date each reminder is sent out.

Healthcare Intranet - Policy Management - Policy Review Reminders

Automate reminders for Policy Review dates.

Healthcare Intranet - Policy Management - Policy Versioning

Control Policy Versioning

Maintain policies and procedures with Policy Versioning on your Healthcare Intranet. Policy Versioning controls who can check-in or check-out a policy, ensuring only one person can make edits to a policy at a time. If a policy or procedure is checked out, other staff members won’t be able to make changes, ensuring the content on your intranet is as current as possible.

Add Policy Review Dates

Policy owners have the option to add Policy Review dates to any policy or procedure published on the intranet. Having Policy Review dates is beneficial in assisting with content audits, as well as to support governance and publishing guidelines.

Healthcare Intranet - Policy Review Management

Pre-determine Policy Review dates for new policies.

Organize with Policy Review Dashboard

Keep policies, procedures or documents organized with the Policy Review Dashboard. The Policy Review Dashboard displays all policies you’ve created with the upcoming review date in an easy-to-read dashboard view, providing you with the ultimate policy management tool.

Healthcare Intranet - Policy Management - Policy Review Dashboards