Prompt for more Info with Dynamic Forms

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A standard Online Form isn’t always practical. In some situations, you may need to prompt for more information on a form. This can be difficult to do with a standard form, however, Dynamic Forms of your Healthcare Intranet allow you to prompt for more information based on previous answers.

Take your Online Forms to the next level with Dynamic Forms. Discover the added benefit of having Dynamic Forms by requesting a live demo of our Healthcare Intranet with one of our product specialists.

Prompt for More Information

Dynamic Forms give you the option to build forms with prompts and triggers. When creating a Dynamic Form, you can prompt users for more information with online triggers. For example, if you’re a hospital with interns tracking their volunteer hours, one of your fields could be “ward”. Based on which ward they choose, the Online Form would dynamically display only fields that are required for users from that particular ward.

Healthcare Intranet - Dynamic Forms - Online Triggers

Prompt for more information with online triggers.

Healthcare Intranet - Dynamic Form Workflows

Eliminate Complicated Workflows

Having multiple workflows can be complicated for your intranet admins and your users. As a simpler alternative, you can have a single expansive Dynamic Form with multiple sections. Based on the section a user completes, specific triggered workflows are initiated when the Online Form is submitted to execute the correct workflow.

Streamline Approval Process

An Online form often goes through several stages before it reaches final approval. In order to be approved, the form may have to go through various departments or individual users. Dynamic Forms allow you to streamline this process by creating a workflow within a Dynamic Form that notifies a specific user that he or she must complete the next action.

Healthcare Intranet - Dynamic Forms - Approval Workflows

Create a workflow within a Dynamic Form.