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The difference between employee adoption and rejection of your Healthcare Intranet as a useful workplace tool can depend on Search, one of the most crucial parts of creating a good user-experience.

With the healthcare industry being so fast-paced, your Healthcare Intranet must enable employees to find what they are looking for quickly, with a complex location process. See for yourself how powerful our Enterprise Search is by requesting a 1-on-1 Healthcare Intranet Product Demo.

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Intranet Connections Healthcare Intranet Advance Search

Use meta data for your intranet search to gain granularity with your search requests and to refine search results to every detail.

Intranet Connections Healthcare Intranet Full-Text Searching

Full-text document indexing will extract every keyword or key phrase on your Healthcare Intranet so no term or keyword will go unseen.

Intranet Connections Healthcare Intranet Quick Search

For accurate, quick search results on your Healthcare Intranet, you can rapidly yield your desired results for content, people, events, or anything else on your intranet.

Search Using Full-Text Document Indexing

With Full-Text Indexing of documents, our Healthcare Intranet is capable of uploading every word in every document in search to yield only the search results that are relevant to the search request. Our Healthcare Intranet also comes with the sophisticated capability to allow your users to tag content using your company’s jargon. You can tag content based on the language and terminology used within your healthcare organization to make native searching easier and more intuitive for your employees.

Healthcare Intranet full-text enterprise search

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Top 10 Things in an Intranet

Download our popular ebook The Top 10 Things to Look for in an Intranet to discover the 10 essential features to look for during your intranet search.


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“I highly recommend Intranet Connections – we have been using them for years and their customer service is fantastic! Intranet Connections has really done so much to help us grow our intranet to make it the #1 spot for our employees to visit.”

Lauren Koller
Huntsworth Health