Collaborate on Strategies to Improve Patient Care

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Whether you are a hospital, hospice, end-of-life care facility or a medical center, the transparency, accountability and quality of patient care is primary. Use your healthcare intranet to help facilitate and capture conversations and discussions surrounding patient care initiatives. To get you started we have included several templates throughout our Healthcare Intranet Software that cater to patient care.

Try out our healthcare templates, including our Patient Care Feedback application by requesting a free 21-day trial of our Healthcare Intranet Software.

Patient Care Suggestions

Improving patient care and helping to save lives requires teamwork and collaboration. Healthcare staff work with patients daily to deliver the best care possible, and therefore they are the best resource for discovering new and innovative ways to improve hospital care. The Healthcare Intranet Patient Care Suggestions application is designed as a free-flow, semi-structured opportunity to post ideas and suggestions on producing better results and improving the quality of patient care through the effective utilization of resources. Create categories for cataloging feedback, provide a rating system and turn on commenting for discussion. Just like all applications on your healthcare intranet the Patient Care Suggestions application is fully searchable and offers optional archival and auditing functionality.

Ward Initiatives

Our Ward Initiatives application helps to empower healthcare physicians, nurses, residents and ward staff by allowing for the exchange of messages and ideas about health topics or any other initiatives underway within their wards. Each of our Ward Sites were built with our Site Builder tool and offers a template for Ward Initiatives, a discussion forum application that can be used to capture and share insights on issues of funding, equipment, policy, procedure for neurology, maternity, palliative care and pediatrics.

These are example templates we have added to your Healthcare Intranet. They can be changed, further customized, removed, renamed, re-purposed to suit your direct needs in relation to their function.