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Healthcare organizations are made up of a large amount of staff and it is important for employees to be able to communicate cross-department. Our Healthcare Intranet provides the tools to manage different departments and make it possible to share information quickly. This gives employees access to a quick look at doctors are on call, wards and departments, popular intranet tasks, and content variable feeds.

Leveraging the Mega Menu Navigation functionality, you can enhance the navigation on your Healthcare Intranet to provide a better user experience. Our Healthcare Intranet Information Sharing tools allow quick access to doctors on call. Provide a quick, at-a-glance reference to who is on call and where.

Create sites on your Healthcare Intranet for hospital wards and different departments. Using Mega Menu Navigation, group departments by category and put them under the corresponding ward. This provides users with a better experience and makes navigating through your Healthcare Intranet more intuitive. Request a Free 21-Day Personalized Healthcare Intranet Trial to see how easy it is.

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Share the Right Information with the Right People

Healthcare Intranet Doctors on Call

Doctors on Call shows how Mega Menus can be leveraged to enhance the navigation experience for your healthcare staff and provide quick-glance reference to who is on call and where.

Healthcare Intranet Hospital Intranet Wards

Create sites on your Healthcare Intranet for departments and different hospital wards such as Neurology, Maternity, Palliative Care, and Pediatrics.

Healthcare Intranet Employee Self-Serve

Group popular intranet tasks and staff reminders into one Mega Menu to provide employees with a better user experience and include links to cafeteria meal order form, timesheets, self assesment survey, documents, and policies.

Healthcare Intranet Multi-Variable Feeds

Utilize multi-variable feeds on your Healthcare Intranet to build your homepage, sites, content pages, and mega menus.


Streamline tasks and improve efficiency with the Task Manager on your Healthcare Intranet.

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